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Abrasive abrasive three series features

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Abrasive abrasive three series features

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The grinding tools we usually refer to are the tools used in the grinding process. Abrasive tools can be divided into three categories, which are: consolidated abrasive tools, coated abrasive tools and ultra-hard abrasive tools. These three types of abrasive tools have their own characteristics and are widely used in all walks of life.

1, consolidated abrasive tool is a tool with a certain shape and grinding ability made of abrasive (grinding material) and binder. Consolidation of abrasive tool tag example: hardness bond granularity organization shape size 35 m/SGB/T2485 shape code 300 * 50 * 75 types of abrasive abrasive particle size binder, maximum operating speed abrasive abrasive hardness organization technical conditions in standard, in addition to the maximum operating speed and abrasive technical conditions in the standard number, the rest of the characteristic of the grinding tool for consolidation. Abrasive particle size refers to the size of the abrasive, the abrasive of the consolidated abrasive used in the next series of standards, these 7 characteristics are based on the 1998 national abrasive abrasive standardization technical committee compiled by the Chinese press published by the mechanical industry standards in each provision.

(1) hardness: the hardness here refers to the strength of the bond between binder and abrasive under the action of external force. According to the particle size, sand-blasting hardness tester and rockwell hardness test are used respectively. Hardness is divided into 7 major grades: super soft (super soft 1, 2), soft (soft 1, 2), medium soft (soft 1, 2), medium hard (hard 1, 2, 3), hard (hard 1, 2), and super hard (hard 1, 2). There are 15 minor grades in total.

(2) binders: binders refer to the materials used to bond all kinds of binders and abrasive in bonded abrasive tools. The bonded abrasive tools usually use four kinds of binders: ceramic, resin, rubber and bituminous soil. The proportion of the four kinds of binders is the largest with ceramic binders and abrasive tools. The main materials of ceramic bond are clay, feldspar, loess, quartz stone and so on. Resin binders are mainly phenolic type of resin, divided into powder resin and liquid resin two categories, also according to the different production methods and different USES are divided into a variety of different resin binders. At present, the rubber binders are divided into three kinds: artificial styrene butadiene rubber, sodium butadiene rubber and liquid rubber. The main material of bittersweet soil bond is composed of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride. The codes of various binders are as follows: name of binders binders code ceramic binders V resin binders B rubber binders R bitter soil binders MG.

(3) structure: the structure refers to the volume occupied by the abrasive in the consolidated abrasive tools, expressed by the weight % ratio. Usually, the structure is not shown in the marking of the grinding tool, but when making the formula, the self-control is expressed in Arabic numerals, that is, the smaller the number, the looser the structure, that is, the smaller the proportion of abrasive in the consolidated grinding tool, and conversely, the larger the number, the tighter the structure, the larger the proportion of abrasive particles. Usually there are 13 organization Numbers from 0 to 12.


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