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Application of diamond abrasive belt in grinding process

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Application of diamond abrasive belt in grinding process

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Compared with traditional coated grinding, superhard coated grinding tools (i.e., diamond abrasive belt and CBN abrasive belt) are characterized by high grinding efficiency, high durability, smooth finish, high gloss, high cost performance, long service life, no threshing, no fracture, no damage and so on.

In the grinding of hard and brittle materials in the industries of machinery, gem, glass and ceramics, ordinary abrasive brown corundum, white corundum, silicon carbide and other coated abrasive tools are used. Due to the low hardness of ordinary abrasive, large consumption of abrasive, and thus greater environmental pollution, and the processing efficiency is not ideal. Many foreign developed countries, such as the United States, from the point of view of human health and environmental protection, strongly require the use of superhard materials such as sandpaper, sand belt coated abrasive tools to replace corundum, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and other ordinary abrasive tools, and is now gradually legal.

China's superhard coated abrasive tools are new products which have been developed recently. For example, it can be divided into diamond coated abrasive tools and cubic boron nitride (CBN) coated abrasive tools according to different abrasive materials. In particular, the successful application of superhard materials in grinding hard materials such as hard alloy, stone, ceramic, iron base alloy, etc. Superhard abrasive belt shows its unique advantages, from the workpiece grinding for general precision requirements to the development of high precision, ultra-high precision parts grinding. Due to the application of superhard material abrasive belt, the working life of abrasive belt is greatly improved and the grinding field of abrasive belt is expanded. It can be used for wet grinding, dry grinding, high-speed grinding, heavy load grinding and grinding and polishing of high-precision and precision parts, enjoying the reputation of "universal grinding".

Because the common abrasives such as corundum, silicon carbide, alumina in use process produce large amounts of dust, harmful to health, use for a long time, will cause silicosis, and by the superhard materials (diamond and CBN) production of emery cloth, abrasive belt, such as coated with abrasive, dust in the use of long life and minimal, on human health and environmental requirements, in line with international annually in the United States from China imports a large number of diamond, part that is used in the manufacture of diamond abrasive belt with 6. Diamond is known the world's highest hardness material, due to its high hardness, good wear resistance, with the abrasive to the difficult machining such as machining hard, brittle, its consumption, and can be a long time to maintain its sharpness and abrasive tool shape, it can not only guarantee the accuracy of the workpiece, and increase the processing time, but also effectively solve the problem of pollution to the environment, is a kind of new type of high efficiency and high precision environmental protection product. These characteristics of diamond abrasive are not only suitable for the processing of ordinary machine tools, but also more suitable for the use of CNC machining center. These characteristics are irreplaceable by ordinary abrasive. Diamond prices sharply lower, along with our country market prices from an average of around 1990 yuan dropped to 4.0 per carat now spend an average of 0.6 yuan per carat, which partly replace ordinary for synthetic diamond abrasive into coated with abrasive market laid a solid foundation, also for the application of diamond coated with abrasive in our country and extension provides a good opportunity.

At present, diamond abrasive belt includes two kinds of abrasive materials, diamond and CBN. Therefore, the coated products such as diamond sand belt and CBN sand belt also have certain requirements for processing objects:

Diamond abrasive belt is especially suitable for the processing of hard and brittle non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals. Therefore, it is widely used for the grinding and polishing of hard and brittle materials such as stone, building materials, glass, special ceramics, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, baoyushi, silicon-aluminum alloy and hard alloy on complex surfaces. With the rapid development of China's construction industry, electronic industry and photovoltaic industry, it will create great vitality for the development and application of domestic diamond sand belt and various profiled products.

CBN sand belt is an ideal grinding tool for titanium alloy grinding due to its characteristics of small grinding force and low grinding temperature. Because it does not cause deformation of machine tool guide, it is more suitable for precision grinding and final grinding of machine tool guide, instrument and micro bearing parts. 3, processing of complex surface workpiece (gear shaper cutter, high precision gear, grinding, blade, etc.); Fine grinding of other hardened tools and grinding of various material parts sensitive to local thermal stress and thermal impact. In addition, because the hardness of CBN is only second to diamond, and because of the advantages of low grinding force, low grinding temperature, high grinding ratio and good chemical stability, CBN is especially suitable for the processing of hard and tough iron-base alloy, such as vanadium alloy steel, cobalt alloy steel and other special high-speed steel cutting tools for rough grinding. Fine and final grinding of precision parts made of heat resistant steel, stainless steel and high hardness alloy structural steel.

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