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How to check and install the grinding wheel

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How to check and install the grinding wheel

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 Safe use and management is an important part of the grinding machinery, including the installation of grinding wheel, transportation, storage and a series of work, any link of the negligence will give grinding machinery buried safety risks. The following grinding wheel factory tutor everyone how to check and install:

1. Inspection of grinding wheel: the grinding wheel must undergo strict inspection before installation and use. The grinding wheel with cracks and other defects shall never be installed and used.

(1) check the marking of grinding wheel. If the grinding wheel is not marked or marked clearly, and cannot check or confirm the characteristics of the grinding wheel, it shall not be used regardless of whether there are defects.

(2) check the defects of grinding wheel. The inspection methods are visual and acoustic inspection:

A. Visual inspection is to check whether the surface of the grinding wheel is cracked or damaged with naked eyes or other tools.

B. acoustic inspection, also known as percussion test, is mainly aimed at the internal defects of the grinding wheel. The inspection method is to hit the grinding wheel with a small wooden hammer. Normal grinding wheel sound crisp, dull voice, hoarse, that there is a problem.

(3) inspection of rotary strength of grinding wheel. A batch of grinding wheels of the same type shall be sampled for rotary strength test, and the batch of grinding wheels without strength test shall not be installed and used.

2. Installation of grinding wheel

(1) check whether the characteristics of the grinding wheel meet the requirements, and whether the size of the grinding wheel and the spindle match.

(2) a flexible material liner with a certain thickness (such as asbestos rubber sheet, elastic board or leather, etc.) should be sandwiched between the chuck and the end face of the grinding wheel to evenly distribute the clamping force of the chuck.

(3) assemble the grinding wheel freely on the spindle of the grinding wheel and do not squeeze hard; The inner diameter of grinding wheel should fit properly with spindle and chuck to avoid too large or too small. The matching surface is clean and free from sundries.

(4) the chuck of the grinding wheel should be left and right symmetrical, and the radial width of the compression surface should be equal; The clamping surface is straight and in full contact with the side of the grinding wheel. The clamping is firm to prevent the two sides of the grinding wheel from being deformed or even broken by unbalanced force.

(5) the tightness of the tightening grinding wheel should be tight enough to drive the grinding wheel to not slide, but not too tight; When fastening the big chuck with more than one bolt, it is forbidden to tighten the bolt in the circumferential direction step by step and evenly in the diagonal pair order, or tighten one bolt at a time. Only standard wrench can be used to tighten the grinding wheel chuck. It is forbidden to increase the tightening force with a long spanner or a hammer.

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