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Historical review of abrasive and abrasive tool industry in China

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Historical review of abrasive and abrasive tool industry in China

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  In the planned economy period, the abrasives industry in our country is the first machinery industry belongs to the original seven our dominated factory, along with the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government belong our and form a system of abrasives manufacturing. After reform and opening up 30 years of market tests, resource integration, mergers and reorganization, China has emerged a large number of private abrasives manufacturing enterprises, although there are outstanding enterprises to accelerate the development of industry and technology progress, abrasives industry in China through independent research and development, technology transfer, technical cooperation and trade promotion, to achieve the leap development of the again closer to the difference between the international advanced level Since the establishment of the basic relatively independent and complete abrasive abrasive product research and development, manufacturing, testing and verification, grinding confirmation system.

Adopting grinding method is one of the oldest countries in our country, such as in the ancient science book in the works "(open" cut, Cuo, cut, grinding "idiom, of which" grinding "means the grinding. Grinding dates back to the primitive society, is the first to use human in the matriarchal society, people have begun to use the most simple stone tools, and the most simple friction from each other between the stone with simple stone. People use the most simple tools hunting, farming. When people dress is simple, but still have the edge sensor, which is inseparable from the grinding. This is also the origin of the original abrasives industry.

The abrasives industry of new China from scratch, from scratch, from small to large, contains three main categories: coated with abrasive, abrasive abrasive and superhard materials. After more than half a century of self-reliance and hard struggle, and gradually establish a relatively independent and complete abrasives research and development, manufacture, testing system, especially after the reform and opening up more than ten years, but also achieve the development by leaps and bounds, in the ninety s, the gap between the abrasives industry in our country and the world's advanced level has greatly narrowed. However, due to the material, machining process and technology in the world, as well as the rapid development of scientific research methods, at the turn of the century for a period of time In recent years, the abrasive and abrasive tool industry in foreign countries has developed rapidly, and new technologies, new products and new processes are emerging constantly. And grinding tools is in this period our country's industrial management system change, variant, industrial organization structure adjustment of enterprises in transition stage, the original industry layout is upset, is exploring to establish a new market order, industry development and technology progress was at a standstill, make originally was rapidly widening gap has narrowed.

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