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Grinding wheel surface grinding workpiece surface ripple problem

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Grinding wheel surface grinding workpiece surface ripple problem

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     In plane grinding, the surface of workpiece appears straight ripples with equal distance distribution, which indicates poor stiffness of grinding head system and forced vibration. The vibration source is mainly from the imbalance of grinding wheel or motor. Therefore, should check the grinding head spindle bearing clearance is too large; Whether the rotor of the grinding head motor is unbalanced and the gap between the rotor and the stator is uniform; Whether the gap of plug iron of grinding head frame is too large or the contact is bad; Whether the grinding wheel stock imbalance problem and whether there is external vibration source caused by grinding machine vibration. Therefore, corresponding technical measures should be taken according to the inspection results. Such as adjusting the spindle bearing clearance, motor stator and rotor clearance; The matching sliding surface is scraped and the gap of plug iron is adjusted to maintain its working precision and enhance rigidity. Balancing the rotor and grinding wheel of the motor; The grinding wheel with soft and uniform hardness is selected for fine dressing. During dressing, the diamond is installed on the worktable surface to reduce the adverse effect of uneven grinding wheel. In addition, it is necessary to check and solve the problem of poor contact between grinding wheel flange taper hole and spindle and possible external vibration source.

If the workpiece surface appears on both sides of a single strip or single strip on one side of the ripples, that the table reversal impact, and the grinding machine column shaking. When the worktable reversing, the workpiece into grinding again, at this time the column is shaking, and the workpiece on both sides or one side appear single corrugated defects. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position of the worktable to make it suitable. Adjust the table reversing throttle valve screw to reduce the table reversing impact. In addition, care should be taken to eliminate vibration and creep of the hydraulic system.

When grinding the surface, if there are diamond ripples, the reason is vibration. Since the ratio of the revolution of grinding wheel per minute to the stroke of the working table per minute is not an integer in most cases, there is more chance of diamond ripples than straight ripples of equal distance distribution. Therefore, the rigidity of the grinding head system should be improved, the vertical feed should be appropriately reduced, and the commutation time of the workbench should be adjusted to conform to: the commutation time of the workbench/the time of each rotation of the grinding wheel = integer to eliminate the rhomboid ripples.

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