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Grinding characteristics of grinding guide rail by grinding wheel

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Grinding characteristics of grinding guide rail by grinding wheel

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 Guide rail is the most important supporting part of machine equipment. The machining precision directly affects the working precision of the machine. But the guide rail is mostly the hollow thin wall casting, the structure is complex. It is easy to produce warping, bending or distortion under the action of grinding force. If the workpiece is not clamped properly or under the influence of the dead weight, it will produce large deformation. In addition, under the influence of grinding heat, temperature difference and casting internal stress, there will also be large deformation, which are adverse factors affecting the machining accuracy of guide rail, and effective control and prevention measures must be taken. The machining quality of guide surface is required to be high, for example, the guide rail, flat guide rail and straightness tolerance of a bed body are 0.008mm/1000mm in the horizontal plane; 0.009mm/1000mm in the vertical plane; The straightness tolerance of v-shaped guide is 0.01mm/750mm; The surface roughness of guide surface Ra is 0.4 m, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose the correct grinding mode and process parameters of guide surface.

Most of the guide surface is composed of plane and inclined surface, so circumferential grinding or end grinding is used. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, multiple shaped grinding wheels and auxiliary grinding head (grinding side plane) can also be used for forming grinding, and combined shaped grinding wheels can be used to grind the guide surface once. Obviously, multi-wheel forming grinding and combined forming grinding have high grinding efficiency, but the structure of grinding head is complex, which is suitable for mass production. It must be pointed out that when using face grinding method as the coarse grinding plane of the rails, the grinding wheel axis can be tilted 3 °, 5 ° in order to reduce the contact area, the improvement of grinding wheel and workpiece cooling conditions. In order to ensure the cutting precision, the diameter of the grinding wheel cannot be too small. Generally, it can be 1.3-1.5 times of the width of the guide surface.

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