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Features and USES of electroplated grinding wheel

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Features and USES of electroplated grinding wheel

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Because of the characteristics and advantages of electroplating binders, electroplating grinding wheels are ideal tools for grinding hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, gemstones and stones as well as hard alloys. With the progress of The Times, the development of science, the needs of the society, the development of new materials, grinding processing to high quality, high precision, high efficiency, automation, the role of electroplating grinding wheel is more and more obvious.


Electroplating bonding agent electroplating grinding wheel has high control strength of abrasive particles, long service life and less abrasion, so that the electroplating grinding wheel can give full play to its characteristics of strong abrasion resistance and cutting ability in high speed and ultra-high speed, high efficiency and high precision grinding processing, especially in hard and brittle hard materials, which shows its obvious advantages and is widely used. Electroplated grinding wheels are used in almost all sectors of industry, such as aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and optical processing manufacturing. At present, ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, silicon wafer products, etc.

Electroplated grinding wheel is an ultra-hard abrasive wheel. Compared with ordinary bonded grinding wheel, it has obvious characteristics and advantages:

1. The hardness of the electroplating binder determines the main characteristics of the electroplating grinding wheel, which can efficiently polish hard materials such as hard alloy, glass and ceramics, and the grinding tool has the longest service life.

2. Electroplating has high abrasion resistance, less abrasion of grinding wheel and longer service time. In the polishing process, the size, shape and morphology of electroplating grinding particles change little, which is more suitable for high-precision machining and has high production efficiency.

3. The electroplated grinding wheel after dressing can maintain the micro-edge of grinding particles for a long time, and its good cutting performance ensures a small grinding force in the grinding process, thus reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

4. Electroplating has very good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to heat evacuation, avoiding the phenomenon of workpiece burns, cracks and falling pieces, and greatly improving the quality of workpiece surface processing.

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