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Electroplating process of diamond grinding wheel

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Electroplating process of diamond grinding wheel

Date of release:2019-04-17 Author: Click:

Some problems need to be paid attention to in the electroplating process of diamond. It is necessary to screen diamond particles strictly to reduce the size difference distribution of the particles. Chemical treatment can effectively remove the surface stains and improve the wetting ability of abrasive particles. Large arc smooth joint is adopted at the sharp Angle of grinding wheel to optimize the current distribution in the edge area. The local intermittent sanding equipment is adopted to make full use of the "divergence" to change the current density distribution to create the local stable sanding area, which can reduce the sanding time by 1/3 to 1/2, and well ensure the uniformity of deposition and deposition during sand planting. The plating parameters should be reduced at the initial stage of thickening plating. The post-treatment process can greatly reduce the tendency of hydrogen embrittlement and increase the coating adhesion by more than 4 times.


After plating, the distribution of the cutting edge at the height of the standard rigid sleeve was changed by using the expansion of the elastic thin sleeve coated with outer abrasive particles and the internal extrusion of the standard rigid sleeve. The elastic thin sleeve can slide freely along the underside of the pad block. The expansion of thin sleeve is obtained by means of the uniform extrusion effect that can be produced by the special plunger through the central through-hole. Suppose: effective diameter of plunger is D; The inner diameter of elastic thin sleeve is d1 and the outer diameter is d2. The half thickness of the pre-coating is Dr3; The average particle size was d3(* value d3max, minimum value d3min). The inner diameter of the rigid sleeve is d4; The inner diameter of the pad block is d5; The thickness of the solid sand half is Dr6. The protruding height of abrasive * is d(the pre-coating is taken as the benchmark).

Operation process design conditions for: d4/21 / D [Dr3 + (- d1, d2) / 2] d3min4 / / 2 + 2 + + D (d3min - D); Dr3 d2 + 2 + 2 d3max4; D1D5240 % d3Dr63; (- d1, d2) / 21.

Quality test and inspection of electroplated grinding wheel single layer electroplated diamond grinding wheel (80/100 abrasive grains) it is found through inspection that the pre-coating and thickened coating of the grinding wheel have uniform color and smooth coating, and no abrasive grains are broken in the middle swelling and extrusion treatment. Sharp - Angle edge coating and other parts of the higher than no obvious phenomenon. The working face of grinding wheel is scraped by hard steel sheet reciprocating. The distance between abrasive grains is basically uniform, and the distance between abrasive edges is 200-500m. The embedding rate of abrasive particles was kept at 2/3 to 4/5, which was controlled by arranging the thickening plating time. According to the statistical analysis of the test results, the dispersion of the height difference of the grinding particles before swelling and extrusion is very large, which can reach about 50m. After improvement, the protrusion height difference of each abrasive grain is obviously reduced, which can be basically controlled within the range of 10m or even lower.

The author used single-layer electroplated diamond grinding wheel (80/100 abrasive grains) with diameter of f20mm to grind 305 bearing inner ring on type D2110 * cylindrical electrochemical grinder, and the test was carried out after 5 minutes of pre-grinding. The results show that the grinding power of the electroplated diamond wheel is slightly increased and the surface roughness of the workpiece is reduced by about 50% when the same grinding power is used as that of the electroplated diamond wheel. The contour of electroplated diamond grinding wheel is an important problem worthy of study in the promotion of electroplated diamond grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel manufacturing method proposed in this paper has the advantages of reliable technology, simple implementation, strong abrasive control force and effective reduction of workpiece grinding surface roughness, which is of certain significance for the application of diamond grinding wheel.

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