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Grinding wheel manufacturers teach you how to choose CBN grinding wheel

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Grinding wheel manufacturers teach you how to choose CBN grinding wheel

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CBN grinding wheel is the best tool for grinding hard alloy and non-metallic materials with high hardness and brittleness such as ceramics, optical glass, gem and stone. But due to the CBN easy carbonized in 700 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, so it is not suitable for grinding iron content more steel. And slightly lower than the hardness of CBN CBN, but its good thermal stability, chemical inertness and iron group elements, high thermal conductivity, made the wheel of life is long, its not like CBN in high temperature decomposition, is instead of corundum grinding wheel grinding hardened steel, bearing steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and titanium alloys such as the best abrasive hardness toughness of metal materials.


Grinding wheel factory

How to choose the right superhard grinding wheel?

CBN grinding wheel binders are resin, metal, ceramics, electroplating and brazing. According to the actual situation, the selection of CBN grinding wheels with different binders is crucial to grinding efficiency and quality.

CBN grinding wheel binders are metal, resin, electroplating, ceramics and brazing. Metal bond grinding wheel is used for cutting grinding, forming grinding of optical curve grinding, sharpening single edge cutter, grinding spiral groove of small drill bit, also suitable for electrolytic grinding; Resin bonded grinding wheel is mainly used for cutting tool grinding, grinding, cylindrical grinding and plane grinding; Electroplated grinding wheel is suitable for high speed fine grinding and forming grinding, as well as efficient grinding of holes (temperature grinding) and use in coordinate grinder. Ceramic binder grinding wheel grinding efficiency is high, keep good shape, high durability, easy dressing, CBN grinding wheel's service life is long, and because of ceramic bond itself has good chemical stability, heat resistant, resistant to acid and alkali erosion, can adapt to all kinds of grinding fluid, grinding cost is low, and therefore has to make the first selection of high efficiency, high precision grinding abrasive; Brazed grinding wheel is suitable for ultra-high speed grinding.

Different brands of abrasive, due to the different manufacturing process, its crystal shape, particle shape is also different, and has different strength, thermal stability and crushing characteristics, according to the type of binder, grinding workpiece material and grinding mode, choose different abrasive. For example, CBN grinding wheel, a ceramic binder used for high efficiency and high precision grinding, can be made of abrasive with high strength and sharp particle shape, such as PDA type, ABN800 type or other brands with similar properties.

Reasonable selection of grinding wheel -- concentration

The superhard abrasive surface used by CBN grinding wheel has two kinds of gilt coating and non-gilt coating, which should be selected according to different conditions such as binder type, workpiece material, dry grinding and wet grinding. Dry grinding generally choose copper clothes, such as rvd-cu, cbn-cu; Wet grinding choose nickel clothing, such as rvd-ni, cbn-ni. At present, the plated metal has developed from nickel, copper to titanium, tungsten alloy, non-metallic ceramics, etc.

The concentration of CBN grinding wheel should not be too low, high depth can bring high grinding ratio, 200% concentration of CBN is actually a kind of ordinary grinding wheel with CBN as the auxiliary material, generally not recommended. At present, high concentration is used for high speed and high efficiency grinding, and high concentration is used for high concentration grinding of ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel. Generally, the concentration of ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel is more than 125%. For example, the supporting imported ceramic CBN grinding wheel, its concentration is generally 175%~200%.

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