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How to detect diamond grinding wheel

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How to detect diamond grinding wheel

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The abrasive load-bearing ratio and the abrasive load-bearing curve are important references for judging the quality of diamond grinding wheels. The abrasive load-bearing ratio reflects the percentage when the surface of the diamond grinding wheel is lower than this value in 3D section in a certain value. This parameter is very important for judging the relationship between the service condition of diamond grinding wheel and specific machining task. In order to make the measuring technique effective, we study the correlation between the measuring results and the machining results of diamond grinding wheel.


1. Conduct correlation research on the machining results of diamond grinding wheel, use replicable parameter set to generate the wear state in line with the reality, and conduct a series of grinding tests. Then the tool and workpiece characteristics of the electronic grating and photomicrograph measurement, on the basis of the new optoelectronic structure, using the newly developed image processing technology to achieve the compensation. Through this repetitive process, the correlation between the measured abrasive load bearing ratio and the real diamond grinding wheel machining results can be verified, and the function and usability of the image collection method can be realized by means of the instrument.

2. Develop image processing methods and image photography strategies, as well as test-bed planning, design and processing under the condition of using stereoscopic and confocal microscopes, so as to automatically and objectively determine the bearing ratio of abrasive on diamond grinding wheels. In view of the definition of the load-bearing ratio of abrasive, a 3D photoelectric measurement technology is firstly used to measure the non-contact detection characteristics. The experiment was carried out on a modern test bench. With this test bed, 3D data images can be generated within the scope of microscopy through the changes of stereoscopic microscopy and working distance. The resulting images form the basis for the development of the logarithmic method needed to determine the abrasive load-bearing ratio.

Finally, in this research project, a non-contact technology for measuring the bearing ratio of abrasive in diamond grinding wheel was developed. The instrument basis of this work is to realize a test site that combines stereoscopic and confocal microscopy techniques.

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