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Electroplated grinding wheel abrasive adjustment mode

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Electroplated grinding wheel abrasive adjustment mode

Date of release:2019-04-17 Author: Click:

There are two ways to adjust the abrasive of electroplated grinding wheel, one is to use spherical particles, the other is to use pre-abrasive and abrasive mixture, the grinding wheel produced in this way, the surface concentration can meet the industry standard, the following is the specific introduction of the two ways:


1. The abrasive is electroplated with spherical particles: the surface of this kind of grinding wheel is relatively smooth, and the thickness of the metal binder is 20% of the height of the diamond abrasive first (sand), and then the abrasive is brushed off with a brush, and then the metal binder is deposited to the specified thickness. Use the benefits of this approach is to use the metal bond to the particles of different surface roughness and shape control capability of the different effect, this kind of grinding wheel is the deficiency of the abrasive particle size and diamond abrasive particle size are quite, so after the bonding in the same plane, with mechanical removal of abrasive method, is likely to be the part of the diamond abrasive brushes off together, especially those close to equal area of particle shape, smooth surface of the particles.

2. Diamond abrasive is pre-electroplated grinding wheel mixed with abrasive: most of these abrasive can be salt, glass ball or magnet particles. Then, after bonding, 20% of the abrasive particles are bonded by the metal binder, which can then be divided by the following methods: dissolution, sublimation, or magnetic fields. In this way, the particle size of abrasive is roughly equivalent to that of diamond, and the amount of abrasive must make the diamond on the working surface of the grinding wheel reach the specified concentration. And the deficiency that USES these kinds of means is abrasive to divide more complex, because this must ask to want to have special means.

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