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Grinding characteristics and dressing of CBN grinding wheel

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Grinding characteristics and dressing of CBN grinding wheel

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Compared with ordinary grinding wheel, CBN grinding wheel not only has high grinding efficiency, small grinding force and low grinding temperature, but also can avoid the surface burns and cracks of workpiece. Besides, it has good grinding quality, high machining precision, less consumption of grinding wheel, long service life and low processing cost.

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel, ceramic bond CBN grinding wheel and metal bond CBN grinding wheel are all multi-layer abrasive. The precision of grinding wheel is determined by dressing process, and dressing quality directly affects its grinding performance.

The above three grinding wheels need to be dressed under the following circumstances.

(1) before the use of the new grinding wheel: in order to make the surface of the grinding wheel CBN abrasive particles exposed from the binder to form a cutting edge; The grinding wheel manufacturing does not reach the ideal geometric size and precision; Because the axis of the grinding wheel and the flange are not coincident, the axis of the grinding wheel is not coincident with the rotary axis of the grinding machine spindle, resulting in deflection.

(2) in the process of using the grinding wheel, the geometric accuracy of the grinding wheel fails to meet the requirements due to uneven wear; The working face is blocked by grinding debris and cannot be ground normally; Surface CBN abrasive abrasive blunt disadvantage. The manufacturing precision of electroplated metal bond grinding wheel is relatively high, and in the electroplating process, CBN abrasive particles are plated on the metal matrix to form cutting edges, and there are gaps between CBN abrasive particles, which can form chip space, so the electroplated metal bond grinding wheel generally does not need dressing.

The dressing of CBN grinding wheel is divided into two procedures, namely, shaping and sharpening.

The so-called shaping is to make the grinding wheel working face into the required regular shape; Sharpening is to make the grinding surface of grinding wheel bare, produce sharp cutting edge.

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