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Do you know the classification of grinding wheel

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Do you know the classification of grinding wheel

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People in different industries call grinding wheels differently because they use different classification methods. For example, manufacturers are more exposed to various formulas, so they are more accustomed to call their names by the classification of binders, and the users of products are more likely to call their names by their USES.

There are many kinds of classification methods for grinding wheels, and there are different categories according to different standards, such as super hard grinding wheel and ordinary grinding wheel with abrasive, ceramic grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel with binders, cutting grinding wheel, grinding grinding wheel and polishing grinding wheel with different purposes, which makes people feel very messy.

Now the market is the buyer's market, so a lot of times it is called more use to distinguish categories, cutting, grinding, polishing products that is cutting products, such as cutting pieces; Grinding products, such as grinding wheels; Polished products such as abrasive tape. Is it ok to clearly distinguish which category it belongs to so that we can make a clear choice and find the product we want?

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